Our story

How it started
My Car Step began when my happy 18 month old daughter started getting agitated and upset before each car journey, because she wanted to get in the car herself, but of course wasn’t big enough. So just like most mums and dads, I lifted her in— sometimes kicking, screaming or crying, straining my back, banging her head, and making us all grumpy and stressed-out. Not what you want just before tackling the school run.

The Big Idea
I tried using a kids foot stool, but it was getting in the way and taking up space in foot well — plus of course it wasn’t secure, wobbling around when Jess stepped on it. So I decided to make something myself, and discovered I had an hidden creative streak. When Jess started using the prototype, she got super excited and felt really independent, plus of course we could all enjoy heading out in the car with much less stress.

Two years on and Jess is almost too big for My Car Step, but the product is taking off and getting great feedback from parents and carers, many of whom struggle to lift a toddler due
to back problems, pregnancy or other physical limitations. It’s great for nannies who lift kids
all day long, and also grandparents, who often help out with childcare.
Of course, the step has been rigorously safety tested, and is strong and completely safe to use.

As a Mum and teaching assistant, I know how much impact the daily routine has on both
child and carer, and I hope My Car Step helps others like it’s helped us.

Sally Marlow, inventor of My Car Step.