How it works

Using My Car Step
My Car step works very simply by sliding in between your child’s car seat and the seat of the car. Because the child’s seat is then strapped in place with the seat belt, the step is held fast and is completely secure for your toddler to use. It takes seconds to install, is discreet, and can remain in place without taking up any space in the footwell. It even has an easy to carry handle, so when you do need to remove the child’s car seat, it’s easy to take out the step at the same time.

Who is it suitable for?
My Car Step is compatible with all Group one child car seats. It is suitable for children weighing 9—18kg and aged approximately 9 months—4 years. The child must be able to balance, walk and climb unaided to use this product. My Car Step has been subject to rigorous safety testing.

1. Put the car step flat on the seat of the car.
2. Fit the child’s car seat as you normally would on top, strapping in with the seat belt.
3. Check it’s all safe and secure, before supervising the child climb onto the step and up into their seat.
And away you go!…